Vreta farm is located 90 km west of Stockholm.
We bought the farm in 2003 and after addition of land in 2010, the farm has about 175 acres.
20 acres fields, 18 acres pasture, 127 acres forest and the rest are roads and land around the buildings

The main building is built sometime around 1850 and has two floors. Parts of the barn is most likely also from the 19th century but re-built several times since then.

The pasture is surrounded by forest and has some trees where the animals can hide from rain and sun. We have 2 male sheep and a bit more than 30 female sheep. This means a lot of lambs over the summer.
The fence around the pasture is electric and has 5 wires. This will help to keep wild animals outside the fence. We have lynx in the area and occasionally wolfs that pass by.

In the fields, we grow grass and clover that is harvest and used to feed the sheep during the winter. In the second half of the summer, the lambs use the fields to get high energy food before the slaughter.

Our forest is located some 7 miles north-west of the farm and has mainly young trees (5-20 years old).
A smaller forest is also located next to the farm and is used for both our own recreation and as a place for giving nature-courses and a camp for small- scale tourism activities.

Flygfoto över gården
Photo of the farm. Photo: Vreta gård